Dlask - our new slightly stable putter - is flying in after Havran. What are we going to tell you... It is an incredible and agile flyer, which, like its avian namesake, is characterized by a thick beak (rim). Thanks to the more robust rim, it is very comfortable to hold, which you will appreciate not only when throwing, but also when putting. With this disc golf weapon in hand, you can be sure that your throws will be consistent and reliable. Dlask was designed so that all levels of players can benefit from its flight characteristics. Beginners will come in handy as it will help them hone their technique and will also reward them with its accuracy and reliability. For advanced players, it will increase the accuracy to 100m and thus you will become the king of bids. For the pros, it will fly over 100m straight and slowly descend to the ground with breathtaking precision. You will simply fall in love with its flight and you definitely cannot miss it in your bag!

The first flight performance number indicates how quickly the disc is able to cut its way through the air, aka how aerodynamic it is. The slowest drives are number 1 and the fastest are number 14.


The name itself suggests that it will be about how long the disc stays in the air. The minimum is 1 (falls to the ground like a rock) and the maximum is 7 (he has time to go to lunch before he hits the ground).


Now it gets interesting. When you throw the disc (RHBH), it initially flies quite fast and tends to turn to the right. The numbers take on values from -5 (a lot to the right) to +1 (not flying to the right at all). Discs with a negative turn are also more suitable for beginners.


The opposite of the turn. This time, however, it is a low speed (at the end of the flight) - because of it, the disk turns to the left (RHBH). Values from 0 (flight ends straight) to 5 (extremely left). Discs with a high fade are suitable, for example, for headwinds.

If you are looking for a overstable driving putter, this is it. Dlask stays flat for a long time and you can count on a certain fade at the end. I really enjoyed Dlask. The Wingman guys really nailed this one.
Martin MuMu Malý
enthusiastic disc golfer
Havran je skvělý midrange, který si najde místo v batohu každého hráče. Začátečníka spolehlivě naučí správnou backhandovou techniku a pokročilý hráč s ním může kouzlit na lesních jamkách. Oproti jiným podobným diskům vyniká svým neskutečným glidem, který dodá každému hodu několik metrů navíc.
Filip Surjomartono
Juniorský Mistr ČR 2022